What Make a Great Sotware Engineer? [infographic]

Category: Programming
February 26, 2012

This is an interesting, and somewhat controvertial infographic to my mind, about what makes a great software engineer. It’s from Kissmetrics using data from Mixtext, both of which are good companies.

Really, you could write a book about this so any one image effort is not going to say much. The first thing I see missing in this infographic is the lack of mention of .NET/C# engineers so obviously this was more of a poll into the Open Source community.

Then it says that Ruby programmers are far the best front-end people?? I think only Ruby people would agree with that. What advantage has Ruby got in the front-end? If you want best front-end skills get a designer not a developer.

And Does Python give you a 82% advantage? I’ve never found that, unless of course you’re applying for a Python job.

I think some of this statistical data should be more fully explained, but it make interesting reading. What do you think?