Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 Released

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June 29, 2016

Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 has been released with a mixture of improvements and support. Microsoft have said to have concentrated on reducing the high memory consumption which in turn sometimes affected performance. But there’s plenty more too.

Continuing the theme of cross-platform development there is added support for Cordova 6.1.1. with  new plugins for Azure, Intune, SQLite local storage and security. For Xamarin developers (which is now part of Microsoft) there is support for Xamarin 4.1 and several bug fixes and improvements.

There are more Developer Analytic, Debugging and Diagnostic tools, including support for ASP.NET 5 RC1 and ASP.NET Core RC2. C++ and XAML have debugging improvements too.

There are several improvements for tools to use with Universal Windows Apps making it easier to work with Azure and the Windows Store. There are also speed improvements in the code produced.

Node.js tools have been improved for stability and performance.

One bug I was pleased to see fixed is in ASP.NET projects when Enable Edit and Continue checkbox is unchecked, the IIS Express process will no longer stop every time you stop debugging. Great!

There is a lot of improvements for Visual C++ coders, both in the compiler and in Libraries. See the details on the page with the link shown below.

Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 now includes TypeScript 1.8.34.

C# and Visual Basic users should see all-round improvements to speed and stability, especially with larger solutions.

There are many bug fixes in Team Explorer.

Overall it is a recommended update, but be warned that it can take a long time to install.

You can read more and get the download link here. (