Typical Marketing Mistakes in eCommerce

February 17, 2014

Continuing our theme of why 80% of companies fail with two years of launch, lack of marketing is one of the biggest contributions to failure.

It’s not enough to run-up some eCommerce software, give it some pretty styling and then add fantastic product descriptions. It doesn’t matter how good it looks because if no-one reads it then its a complete waste of time and money. So the main thing to do now is get visitors.

You need to put effort in; you need not just visitors but potential customers. You can buy twitter followers, Facebook Likes and spam thousands but these people are unlikely to become customers. Concentrate on getting quality contacts, people who are likely to buy and are likely to come back as a repeat customer.

This is easier said than done and you’ll have to use multiple sales channels and techniques to successfully get over why your product is different – your unique selling proposition. In some way you need to be better and/or cheaper than the opposition. You need to keep an eye on your competitors and keep at least one step in front of them.

Once you’ve made the sale you need to execute the after sales service. Deliver on time, make sure you and the product lives up to the description. Deal with any feedback or problems quickly. Build a good reputation from  the start.

Above all, be patient and stick to a plan.

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