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Adding a Wait Cursor to a jQuery .ajax() Call

When you make ajax calls there is often some delay before the response and the user may start clicking buttons or taking some other undesirable action. A quick solution is to show a wait cursor, which will deter the user from other actions and give them visual feedback.

Configure jQuery DatePicker for no Previous Dates or a Date Range

jQuery DatePicker is an popular choice for inputting dates as it allows the user ease of entry and saves the programmer forcing date formats and consequent checks. It’s easy to place on a page: HTML: <input id=”dd” type=”text” /> CODE: $(“#dd”).datepicker({ numberOfMonths: 3, dateFormat: “dd/mm/yy” }); There’s lots of configuration you can do and one… Read More »

Splitting JavaScript into Separate Files/Modules

For some time I have been trying to find the best way of how to split my JavaScript code into modules and have one module per file. It sounds simple enough but it can start to require references between the files and get quite messy. After looking at a number of techniques on the internet… Read More »

Bootstrap Tooltips Simple Demo

Bootstrap Tooltip is a very easy way to implement pop-up tooltips and is very useful in adding tooltip help to both buttons and text. You can even mark up the text in your external data for on-screen dispay. My demo is here and the code for that is shown below. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <link… Read More »

bootstrap-dialog is a useful little plugin

bootstrap-dialog is a useful little plugin: A dead-easy popup dialog to work with bootstrap this will replace the javascript ‘alert’ with something more modern and is just as easy to call. A nice way to report your .ajax call results.

Chain of Responsibility JavaScript Design Pattern

Today, we’ll be talking about the Chain of Responsibility Pattern. This pattern decouples the sender and receiver of requests. This is done with a chain of objects that can each handle the request itself or pass it on to the next object.

Why jQuery only works once in some ASP.NET pages

I had a strange problem where a simple jQuery expression worked once only on an ASP.NET page. Turned out that .NET UpdateProgress controls on the same page were causing problems with partial page refreshing from AJAX calls.

jQuery: Advantages and Disadvantages

by Les Kendall Can jQuery replace ASP.NET or PHP? Recently I experimented with a jQuery event calendar on our Cyberforth Room Booking System. Our previous version uses ASP.NET to build the booking chart as a whole on the server and then renders the lot to the browser. It was a bit slow and clunky, but… Read More »