Programming Languages Popularity February 2012

Category: Programming
February 7, 2012

One of the the websites I enjoy visiting every month is the ‘TIOBE Programming Community Index’ ( Tiobe gives a list of the most popular programming languages and its relative movement over the last year. The information gives a useful pointer to what to get into next, and that can improve your career and earnings considerably.

I think with all these types of lists, the ubiquitous way that Java, C and C++ are used mean that they will always float near the top. So to me the rest of the movements in the list are of more interest.

You would expect Objective-C to be rising as the Apple iPad/iPhone revolution continues unchecked, but the other languages moving strongly up the list are the .NET languages of C# and VB.NET. It also looks like SQL is an important tool in your armoury.

Only a few years ago,  Ruby and Python were the ‘future’ of programming but their popularity continues to slide.

If you go over to Tiobe you can see the extended list of languages. It surprises me what languages are still in use, and I’m left bewildered where some languages are actually used as they seem to have far more popularity than I would have expected.

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