Programming Language Wars: PHP v Ruby v Python

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March 19, 2012

For some reason software developers have a bit of an obsession at discussing which is the best programming language. Of course, it’s all futile because there’s no such thing as ‘the best’ because it’s impossible to define what metrics to use and what are the most important. Besides, from time to time we all switch and change and even go back again.

But it’s great fun debating the toss and you can certainly derive some insights as to what is useful in a language and what’s a waste. Knowing what’s popular can certainly increase your career prospects.

This infographic looks at PHP, Python and Ruby, probably the most popular languages after the perennial ‘semi-colon’ brigade of C++, Java and C#. PHP is already well established for web development; Ruby and Python represent the so called ‘modern’ languages and you should have a try with at least one of them so you can form your own opinions.

(Note: This Infographic was created about January 2012, so ‘current versions’ may have been updated)

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Source: Udemy Blog

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