Popular PHP Frameworks

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February 8, 2016

Popular PHP Frameworks are always a debatable subject because what’s popular is (a) subjective and (b) is variable based on the context in which they are used. We all have favourites.

Last year, Sitepoint.com conducted a survey and received almost 8000 replies. The clear result is that Laravel was the most popular PHP framework (in 2015) and it wasn’t even close. The top 5 were: Laravel, Symfony2, Nette, Codeigniter and Yii 2.

SitePoint did a good job with the questionnaire and published some excellent stats for the PHP community. Laravel was the most popular for both work and private projects; it was also the top framework in both the USA and UK, as well as many other countries and seems to be popular with all age groups.

Although popularity is subjective and does not necessary surmise what’s technically best, it is an important measure of adoption and satisfaction, which in turn infers the size of the job market so you should be looking to get some experience with at least one of the top frameworks if you are looking for employment.

If you don’t use a framework at the moment then I strongly urge you to consider using one. Frameworks may save you time and effort by supplying considerable amounts of code and architecture to your project. They add standards, patterns, consistency and security to your software. Most are free of cost and have good communities so at least give them a try.

Popular PHP Frameworks 2015
Infographic from WebHostFace.com