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February 29, 2016

Ionic is one of the leading framework/SDK’s for developing hybrid applications for mobile devices and websites. If you’ve used Cordova or PhoneGap then this will be very familiar to you, as Ionic is based on Cordova.

The idea of a hybrid app instead of a Native App is that you can develop cross-platform applications in web technologies like HTML and Javascript. Ionic uses AngularJS. Once written, the app can be published to an iPhone, iPad or Android device. Here is a short list of learning resources that I have found useful this month.

General help – the Official Ionic Book
The Ionic Book Ionic publishes a comprehensive web book that covers all you need to get started, including installation, getting started, testing and publishing.

Full App Tutorial for experienced programmers new to the framework
Ionic Framework Tutorial – Simple TODO App This is a comprehensive 75 minute video tutorial on how to create a To-Do app. Akhilesh Srivastava shows how to code a complete app from scratch. It’s a good introduction on how Ionic and Angular work together and is aimed at experienced programmers new to the framework.

Using Charts In Your Ionic Framework Mobile App Charts have a great use in many apps and this tutorial/video by Nic Raboy shows how to incorporate Chart.js/Angular Charts into you Ionic code.

Building a Feed Reader app 4/4: Infinite scroll and pull-to-refresh Pull-to-Refresh
is a nice feature to have on a mobile app. This video shows how to achieve this with in a feed reader app.

Images and Responsive Gallery
Make A Gallery-Like Image Grid Using Ionic Framework This is a very useful tutorial/video of how to handle images in a grid.

Development of an Android app using a Linux platform
Hybrid Mobile Application with Ionic/Cordova Full application walkthrough showing the development of an Android app using a Linux platform. Gives quite a few practical tips in an informal presentation.

Using SQLite Instead of Local Storage
Use SQLite Instead of Local Storage In Ionic Framework Using a SQLite database is very useful if you need to store larger amounts of data or need to query and analyse data.

Easy Ionic Push Notifications With In 15 Minutes Guide to Push Notifications.

Ionicons The premium icon font for Ionic Framework. Download and list here.