Forgetting Things? Take Notes With Apps

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July 3, 2018
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Absent-Minded? Forgetting Things? Take Notes With Apps

By Rob Stephen

Not being able to remember every single detail mentioned in the meeting? Forgot to bring a pen to take notes in the class? Well, taking important notes is now absolutely easier with these note taking mobile apps.

Mobile technology is continuously emerging and leaving a huge impact on the app development field. Worldwide mobile application developers are engaging themselves to come up with new and unique app ideas and making them into reality. These different note taking applications are one such useful invention of the hard works of the developers. Read on and know the interesting features of these applications and how they can help you to take important notes.

> Evernote

This is a popular entry in the list. A plenty of features like notebook support, taking different types of notes, collaboration, note sharing, organisational features, support for cross-platform – everything is available in Evernote. With the subscription you choose, you can securely save your notes into the cloud as well.

> Google Keep

Today, Google Keep is one of the widely accepted applications used for taking notes in the market. The interface is material design inspired. It is not only impressive by its looks but is also feature-rich and high-functional. The notes will show up as cards, you can scroll through those easily and can select the one you want.

It also offers Google Drive integration. More interestingly, you can take voice notes on it, make your to-do list along with setting reminders. Note sharing feature offered by it is very useful. It provides you with Android wear support as well.

> LectureNotes

This application is very useful for students and for those, who are into academics. You can get stylus supports in it. Not interested to type? Well, simply take records of meetings or lectures by using its video and audio recording capabilities. Moreover, you will get necessary supports for Evernote, OneNote and PDF. Before purchasing LectureNotes, you can use the trial version as well.

> SomNote

Rather than taking smaller and key-point based notes, are you looking for an offbeat option that would allow you to use it like a diary? Well, SomNote is the best option for you then. You can use it for your research work, story writing, journals and whatnot! Theming options, syncing features, locking mechanisms and to handle things in an organised way, the features of the folder system is available in SomNote. The premium version of it comes with a huge cloud support.

> ColorNote

As the name suggests, you can organise your notes by changing the background colours of the notes. Suppose that for office work-related notes, you are making it blue and for the personal work-related notes, you are making the background red. Some of the other mentionable features offered by ColorNote are backup taking supports, calendar supports, facilities of cloud storage and many more. You can get this application in your phone for free!

The list can become too long with all the available options. However, other than all the above-mentioned apps, FairNote, Omni Notes, FiiNote, OneNote etc. are some other popular names that are trending in the market.

Rob Stephen is a veteran mobile app developer, who is presently working at Envertis, a Sydney-based software development firm that is well-known for devising creative and business-centric applications in the field of mobile app development in Sydney. For more updates and information and for any kind of consultation and services, visit the official website or follow the Facebook page of Envertis.

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