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CodeMaid Visual Studio Extension

CodeMaid is an open source Visual Studio extension to cleanup and simplify C#, C++, F#, VB, PHP, PowerShell, R, JSON, XAML, XML, ASP, HTML, CSS, LESS, SCSS, JavaScript and TypeScript coding.

Which IDE: Netbeans or Eclipse?

Netbeans and Eclipse are probably the top two IDE’s for Java Programmers, and also for many who use non-Microsoft languages like PHP and Ruby. Which, if either, is the better?

Are Frameworks The New Programming Languages?

A Framework simplifies and speeds up custom software development by providing several features, modules, libraries and tools. That is why many programmers consider frameworks as new programming languages.

Which Are Some Of The Most Popular Back End Frameworks?

Nowadays, the user experience delivered by an application determines its popularity and profitability in the longer run. Hence, it becomes essential for developers to focus on both front-end and back-end of the application. Normally, the users can see, touch and experience the front-end or user interface of the application directly.

Types of Software Bugs

Every software product contains some errors. A software bug is such a system behavior that does not meet the requirements and produces the incorrect results. It is impossible to develop a bug-free system.

ASP MVC Razor: Using Sections

In order to get a consistent looking website, many designers use a common layout or master page. That’s good, but in practice we often need to add some other items to the layout too. Say, for example, we have a different style sheet or Javascript files for many of our body pages. We can achieve that using Sections.

Microsoft to acquire Xamarin

Xamarin, who produce cross-platform tools so that C# can be used to create iOS and Android applications as well as for Windows, are set to be acquired by Microsoft.