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social media facebook twitter pinterest How to Grow Your Business With Pinterest Marketing
Pinterest is a social networking platform that is somewhat different that still offers more variety of prospective clients and increasing
open souce software Using Free Open Source Software for Your Business
Free Open Source Software can be a great resource for your business, especially when starting up and/or have a need to keep expenses down.
stock market crash 1929 Stock Market Crash – Why Did it Happen
The 1920s were were called the booming 20s as finance and property was just going up and up. So why did it suddenly crash so heavily in 1929?
project management agile scrum A Lightweight Framework to Use Agile Scrum
Describes what is Scrum and what are the building blocks of an agile Scrum and then goes on to discuss how to Implement The Agile Scrum Framework.
cryptocurrencies, crytocurrency, bitcoin Bitcoin and Alternative Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin has soared to amazing prices this year. There are alternative cryptocurrencies on the market, here's a quick overview.
social media facebook twitter pinterest Tips to Boost Engagement on Your Social Media Pages
Before you plan your next post, start using these easy engagement tips to set your pages on fire!
Simulation Hypothesis The Simulation Hypothesis: More Evidence From Physics And Astronomy
The Simulation Hypothesis states that there is a high probability that what we call life, the Universe and everything exists as a state of virtual reality within a higher realm of really real reality. We are a computer simulation 'living' in a virtual landscape. There are various observations in the physical sciences that are suggestive that this hypothesis is true
trappist exoplanets Dwarf Planet Haumea has a Ring
Ring Around Haumea: Pluto’s Peculiar Neighbor By Judith E Braffman-Miller Far from our fiery Star, and well-hidden from our view in a distant region of perpetual twilight, there lies a belt composed of icy, frozen objects. Located beyond the orbit of the deep-blue, banded, ice-giant planet, Neptune–the most distant known major planet from our Sun–this… Read More »
SEO, Free Traffic How To Get Traffic To Your Websites
It's probably the most sought-after topic in Internet marketing - how to get more traffic to your websites. There's more to the process than just getting more traffic, however. You not only want traffic, you want targeted traffic - people who are going to be interested in what you have to offer.
Phobos and Deimos, the Moons of Mars
Phobos and Deimos, the Moons of Mars, were discovered in 1877. In October 2017, astronomers announced that NASA's longest-lived mission to the Red Planet has obtained its first peek at Phobos, the larger of the two moons.
software testing 7 Software Testing Myths
Testing is an essential part of software development. You need to do it right, which means watching out for these myths.
pinterest Using Pinterest For Your Business
Pinterest has become a major player in the social media universe. With over 150 million active monthly users, Google is paying more attention to Pinterest, which means you can boost your search engine rankings and enjoy free, targeted traffic.
seo kpi Get Your WordPress Website on Page 1 of Google
If your search term is not right for your business, too competitive, or just a keyword that does not generate enough traffic, then you can be wasting your time. If you are inpatient and you do not do the market research, you can be hitting your head against a wall.
social media facebook twitter pinterest Building a Facebook Business Page
If you want an engaging Facebook business page, here's what you need to know.
Mobile App Development Avoid These Mistakes When Developing Mobile Websites
When developing mobile websites is is important to recognise the difference from developing a normal web site. Mobiles have great capabilities (like touch) but also some drawbacks (like varying connection speeds).
Cloud Computing SAAS Advantages of SaaS
SaaS is a Cloud distribution model which offers benefits to both vendor and their clients, such as low cost and high availability.
web design development 6 Things That Will Influence Web Development
Web Development has changed over the years. It's no longer just pretty pictures but rather a myriad of technologies striving to compliment the digital media presence of an organisation.
startup business 4 Founder Mistakes That Make Your Startup Fail
Many business startups fail due to very simple and fundamental ideas. Startups require energy and determination but you also need to remember cashflow and ask "where is the money?"
SEO, Free Traffic Ways to Generate SEO-Friendly Content
If you are writing content for your website, then definitely you want it to reach to the target audience. That's precisely why your content should be SEO friendly
Meeting How to Run a Good Meeting
The ability to run a good meeting is widely regarded as a hallmark of a competent leader. Meetings are important forums for communication and the development of goals and strategies that will move an organization forward.
Why Does the RobotBooker Room Booking System Use the Overview Chart and not Outlook-Style Calendars?
The RobotBooker Room Booking/Resource Booking System uses a custom-built Overview Chart as a recommended base for making bookings. Why not use the more common Outlook-style Calendar?
SEO, Free Traffic How to Get More Free Traffic for Your Blog
No matter how good your content is, chances are that nobody will read it unless you promote. Many of us are petty bloggers who do not have funds for paid Ads, but do you know that you can still generate traffic to your site legitimately?
mentoring Leadership Is Mentoringship
A mentor is someone who is wise and who can be trusted at all times. Mentors are often seen as counselors, teachers, coaches, advisors, positive role models, friends, or advocates.
seo kpi 5 KPIs To Track App Progress
5 KPIs To Consider by Every App Owner to Track Their App's Progress
Java DukeScript DukeScript For Java Developers
As a new technology, DukeScript makes it easier for Java programmers to create cross-platform desktop, web, and mobile applications with a single code base.
Code Frameworks Docker Top 10 Benefits of Using Docker
There is a buzz all around about Docker and containerisation in general. What exactly is Docker and how is it related to containerisation? What are the top benefits of using docker? Why did it became so popular?
Mobile App Development Top 5 Mobile Application Development Tools Trending in 2017
Top 5 Mobile Application Development Tools Trending in 2017: Xamarin, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, Sencha and iFactr
The 5 S.O.L.I.D. Principles Explained
S.O.L.I.D. is the first five principles of object-oriented programming that we find essential for building working software.
Best 5 PHP Frameworks in 2017
If you use PHP then you should be using a Framework. Frameworks give a massive jump start to a project. But which PHP Framework?
growth hacking How to Become a Growth Hacker
A Growth Hacker is a person with the objective of creating rapid growth of a business or product. It requires a number of skills, such as digital marketing, programming, testing, analytics, etc.
Where Do Bitcoins Come From? Bitcoin Mining Explained
Bitcoins are made by solving complex math problems. This is done by a powerful machine that is built to solve these math problems. This process is called mining. People who own these machines to make money mining Bitcoins are called miners.
Apple iOS Swift Mobile app development 7 Apps for Doing Programming on the iPad
This is an undeniable fact that the iPad is not the most favoured hardware choice for programming purpose. However, with the increasing popularity of this device, many developers are dedicating themselves to devise such applications that work well on the iPad
trappist exoplanets Exoplanets: The Trappist-1 System
At approximately 40 light-years from our planet--or 235 trillion miles away--there are seven newly discovered, rocky alien worlds that are nevertheless considered to be our near neighbors in Space. This richly endowed "nearby" planetary system, that has been named TRAPPIST-1, for The Transiting Planets and Planetesimals Small Telescope (TRAPPIST) in Chile
Android 4 Ways to Reduce the Cost of App Development
Mobile apps can be very expensive to develop. Here are 4 ways in which you can save costs.
SEO, Free Traffic How to Lower Your Website Bounce Rate
The bounce rate percentage can be seen in your Google Analytics. High bounce rate indicates that your website is not retaining its visitors.
moon planet universe Why Can’t We See 95% of the Universe?
Why Can't we see 95% of the Universe? Because approximately 70% of the Universe is contained in the dark energy, about 25% is contained in the dark matter, and the rest is composed of "ordinary" atomic matter.
Laravel PHP New features in Laravel 5
Here is a brief overview of 12 new features that you can find in Laravel 5.
Avoid Being Hacked – Part 1, Email
Hacking is a common occurrence these days, but it's good to know that hacking targeting you specifically because of who you are is far less common than scattershot hacking. Part 1 here covers email hacking.
astronomy exoplanet Why our Sun’s Magnetic Field Reverses every Eleven Years
In July 2017, a team of astronomers, using new numerical supercomputer simulations and observations announced that scientists may now be able to explain why our Sun's magnetic field reverses every eleven years
cloud services Service Delivery With Cloud Orchestration
Cloud Orchestration is the automated management of computer systems, middleware, and services. It is most often used when defining service-oriented architecture, virtualization, provisioning and other related concepts.
leadership 21 Characteristics of Outstanding Leaders
There are a multitude of practices strong leaders use to bring success to their career. Look at this list to determine how many you are now using. Remember, it's never too late to learn something new!
cloud services Are We Moving Towards Service-Oriented Software Engineering?
It is time to adopt the service-oriented software engineering services in order to get the best of both worlds i.e. software engineering and cloud computing
agile 5 Competencies of Agile Leadership
In my years assessing and developing leaders who fit this description, I've identified five core competencies, or characteristics, that all agile flexible leaders have in common. Here's a snapshot of each of them.
Laravel PHP Why is the Laravel Framework Popular?
Laravel is a PHP Framework which helps business organisations to craft custom-made web applications through an agile development process. The immense popularity and growing favour for Laravel are due to its elegant but simple syntax which made the development of web applications with PHP a fun oriented task.
programming Which IDE: Netbeans or Eclipse?
Netbeans and Eclipse are probably the top two IDE's for Java Programmers, and also for many who use non-Microsoft languages like PHP and Ruby. Which, if either, is the better?
Improve Your PHP Programming Skills
12 Tips to write clean, maintainable, and reusable PHP code and improve Your PHP programming skills.
Java DukeScript The Cuba Platform Open Source Java Web Framework
The Cuba Platform is a High Level Open Source Java Web Framework. Here is a quick introduction.
serverless computing What is Serverless Computing?
Serverless computing is where a cloud provider manages the allocation of machine resources dynamically and then charges on the actual amount of resources used. The server-less name derives from the fact that the developer no longer needs to own a server to run software.
leader, management 21 Characteristics of Outstanding Leaders
There are a multitude of practices strong leaders use to bring success to their career. Here is a list of 21 of them to help you become an outstanding leader.
ecommerce 7 Widely Used PHP eCommerce Platforms
Here is a brief overview of 7 widely-used PHP eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento and Prestashop.
Android Android O: some new features in the next version of Android
The beta version of this platform is already out in the market and it seems that most of the features are going to take this Android O to a whole new level. What are the impending features?
Code Frameworks Docker Are Frameworks The New Programming Languages?
A Framework simplifies and speeds up custom software development by providing several features, modules, libraries and tools. That is why many programmers consider frameworks as new programming languages.
WordPress Guide for Choosing WordPress Themes
You need to focus on a number of do's and don'ts while selecting and using WordPress Themes. You must build your website with the right WordPress theme and customize the theme to make your website look and feel different.
4 Ways to Make Your CakePHP Website Faster
CakePHP is one of the most feature-laden PHP frameworks. It is of pivotal importance to maximise the loading speed of your website which, would help you in increasing the amount of conversions.
moon planet universe Did Earth’s Moon have lots of water in the past? Does it still have water?
Earth's Moon is the fifth largest moon in our Solar System, and the only world beyond our own that we have walked upon. Did Earth's Moon have lots of water in the past? Does it still have water?
Forex Trading Introduction to Forex Trading Strategies
Forex trading revolves around currency trading. The changes in the currency value are what factor in the profits for Forex traders and this is the main objective of getting into the trades. Forex strategies can be technical analysis charting tools based or news based. They are made of a multiple of signals that trigger the decisions whether to buy or sell.
Android 7 Common Challenges Faced by Android App Developers
It becomes essential for Android developers to build mobile apps by targeting a wide range of devices powered by different versions of Android. Here are 7 Common Challenges they face.
WordPress Why you should use the WordPress Rest API
WordPress REST API enables programmers to connect their application to other software and services in a simpler and more efficient way. The developers can use the plug-in to make their WordPress application overcome differences in data forma and back-end programming languages.
Don’t Get Burned by Cryptocurrencies
So far this year, there have been around 20 ICOs a month. You read that right: 20 brand-new cryptocurrencies proposed every single month. Frankly, that's crazy.
communication and management A Quick Guide to Crowdfunding
There are several different types of crowdfunding: reward-based, equity-based, debt-based, flexible, fixed and so on. It can all seem bewildering, but like most things the underlying logic is simple.
customers - sales Quick Guide to Building a Successful eCommerce Store
Before proceeding with the process of building your exclusive eCommerce store, it becomes immensely important to know about the different parts or stages of the development process: Develop, Manage and Improve.
data analytics business intelligence Business Intelligence: a Short Introduction
Business Intelligence plays a primary role while implementing strategies and the right planning procedures. BI technology assists its users in gathering, storing, accessing, and analyzing the data. The set of applications covered under Business Intelligence allows the companies in effective implementation of Decision Support System, applying Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) concepts, Statistical Analysis, Forecasting, and Data Mining.
astronomy exoplanet A Ninth Planet In Our Solar System: But It’s Not Pluto
There is new evidence indicating the existence of a giant planet tracing a highly elongated orbit in the outer limits of our Solar System. This putative ninth major planet, which the scientists have dubbed "Planet Nine", sports an impressive mass of approximately ten times that of Earth--and it circles our Star about 20 times farther out on average than does Neptune--which circles our Sun at an average distance of 2.8 billion miles
programming design Summary of New CSS3 Features
As the latest standard for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), CSS3 makes it easier for programmers to create web applications that look good on both computers and mobile devices. Developers can combine HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to build a variety of mobile web apps. Despite being backward-compatible with earlier versions of CSS, CSS3 includes several new modules.
project management agile scrum A Complete Scrum Sprint Explanation in Agile Software Development
What is scrum? Scrum methodology is an iterative and incremental framework of software agile development that was created to help teams when it comes to managing the development process. Although it is mainly used in the software industry, it can also be used in many other industries.
data analytics business intelligence Data Visualizations With D3.js
D3.js, short for Data Driven Documents, is a JavaScript library that helps developers produce dynamic, interactive data visualizations in web browsers. It uses popular and widely implemented standards such as SVG, HTML5 and CSS.
business profits Top SaaS Metrics to Measure the Performance of Your Business
There are several metrics through which the performance of your business can be measured at regular intervals. Not only do you understand how well your business is performing, but the metrics also help you to re-examine your business strategies. And it is in this context that the SaaS metrics become even more important.
Cloud Computing SAAS Cloud Storage: 6 Things Your Business Needs Consider
Here are the six things your business needs to consider before leveraging cloud storage for your unstructured data challenges.
Jupiter Juno Looks Into The Eye Of Jupiters Storm
Jupiter's Great Red Spot has been a swirling mystery for centuries--an enormous wildly whirling storm that has lingered in its planet's sky for the past 150 years--or longer.
Six Sigma What Is Lean Six Sigma?
Six Sigma is a rigorous and disciplined process improvement methodology that uses data and statistical analysis to measure and improve any organization's operational performance. Six Sigma methodology was developed by Motorola in 1986.
communication and management Top 4 Blind Spots of Strategy Execution
Strategy is only as good at the execution behind it. The issue received its first major exposure in 1999 with Fortune Magazine's article "Why CEOs Fail", which identified bad execution as the culprit, 70% of the time.
moon planet universe The Kuiper Belt and a Mysterious World Hidden Beyond Pluto
Far from our Sun's welcoming heat and brilliant light, there is a dark and distant domain inhabited by frigid, frozen bodies: the Kuiper Belt
WordPress 10 Reasons Your Small Business Website Should be WordPress
WordPress is the platform for small businesses of all types whether they be shops and stores or service providers. Here's why WordPress is the platform that you need to be building your business on.
SEO, Free Traffic SEO: What Is Link Building?
Link Building is one of the major aspect of Search Engine Optimization. In this article, read what link building is and why it is considered important for SEO.
astronomy exoplanet Astronomy: The Strange Case Of The Exoplanet “Cousins”
Nature versus nurture refers to a long-standing debate among scientists who are trying to find out if human behavior is determined by the environment or is merely the result of a person's genes. Planets and people can have a lot in common, and the atmospheres of a duo of hot Jupiter exoplanets is a case in point.
How Blockchain Can Re-Invent the Global Supply Chain
After it emerged in 2008, the technology behind the world's most notorious crypto-currency, Bitcoin, held court on the fringes, attracting attention mostly from startups and the financial services sector. However, it has recently started to receive a lot of attention as companies gradually realize it could be valuable for many other things besides tracking payments.
Ways to Beat Ransomware
Ransomware attacks are rising with the time. It is the real threat today affecting computer users. There are numerous ways ransomware attacks system though the solutions available for these attacks are very few. Follow certain steps to beat the ransomware threat.
Six Sigma Experience Enhanced Productivity With Lean Six Sigma
As the name suggests, lean six sigma methodology integrates the principles of lean manufacturing with those of Six Sigma. Many manufacturing organizations that have implemented the methodology have experienced enhanced productivity with a significant reduction in human resources, time and capital resources.
What is Ransomware? What Can I Do About It?
The Ransomware epidemic is upon us and the problem is only getting worse. Here's is what it is and how you can prevent it from impacting you and your business.
cryptocurrencies, crytocurrency, bitcoin A Brief Introduction To Blockchain
You've probably heard of Bitcoin. You've probably also witnessed some of the hysteria that has periodically surrounded it. What you may not know is how the technology underpinning this fashionable cryptocurrency is poised to change the world. It is called blockchain and it is one of the biggest potential game changers since the invention of the printing press.
seo kpi 12 WordPress SEO Tips to Boost Your Website Traffic
We all want websites that are search-engine friendly. But sometimes when you are busy it's easy to publish a new blog post and be off to the next thing on your to do list. Over time, this can really hurt your SEO efforts. That's why I've put together this short hit list of things you can do to boost your WordPress SEO.
Cloud Computing SAAS Top Five Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Business
Many hosted services are offered over the web for a variety of business needs. The general term used to refer to all of these is cloud computing. Cloud computing allows online companies to use resources over the internet rather than build and maintain their own in-house infrastructures.
Four Critical Financial Ratios
Entrepreneurs should monitor several key metrics to ensure their business succeeds. The ratios covered in this article provide a solid grounding in ways to attract investment and ensure long-term success.
leader, management Managing Change: Secrets of Adaptable Leaders
Why do some companies consistently outperform their peers? When companies that face identical circumstances are compared, one variable stands out among the winners- leadership quality. The best leaders are able to effectively influence three determinants of organizational performance-adaptation, efficiency, and human resources.
project management agile scrum Day to Day Accounting With Kanban
Projects in the financial sector can benefit from the scrum approach. This article takes a look at a smaller guys instead - the accounting firms and their day-to day operations.
Agile Planning – The 5 Scopes
The concept of planning within the agile methodology has often been misunderstood. Due to the commonly known statement "We value responding to change over following a plan" most of teams starting agile think that they will no longer need to plan for the future. Contrary to this popular opinion, planning plays just as big of a part in agile as it does in any other project management approach it is simply a little different.
communication and management Mobility – The Changing Face Of Project Management
With more and more companies allowing BYOD and Work from Home, Project Managers are facing challenges in meeting their project targets. This article focuses on what problems they face and how can these be easily surmounted.
Managing Change Effectively
How to manage change effectively is a process. We outline some easy and quick steps to make drastic change in your life!
The Mystery Of The Galaxies That Shouldn’t Be There
Astronomers have wondered for decades how long it took for the islands of fiery, sparkling stars, that we call galaxies, to emerge out of the primeval darkness after the Big Bang birth of the Universe almost 14 billion years ago. In May 2017, a team of astronomers announced that they may have solved this nagging cosmic riddle when they discovered a new kind of galaxy haunting the ancient Universe less than a billion years after the Big Bang. These primordial galaxies are seen giving birth to new glittering baby stars more than a hundred times faster than our own Milky Way Galaxy is today. This important discovery could explain a mysterious earlier finding--that a population of surprisingly massive galaxies danced in the Cosmos only 1.5 billion years after its birth.
Cloud Computing SAAS 5 Essential Characteristics of Availing Cloud Services
In the recent years, we get to hear a lot about the cloud services. But do we actually know what the term means? It is found that most people are unaware of the details of the services.
communication and management Email List Building in 5 Easy Steps
Why is email list building considered so important for online businesses? Statistically, a prospect needs to see your message at least 7 times before they are ready to make a purchase. Also, the prospect has no real idea who you are, so you have to build trust.
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is referral marketing. You get paid for selling someone else's product online. It a great way to earn money and create a flexible and more free lifestyle. But what are the pitfalls of affiliate marketing and what does it take to make it successful?
Seven Earth-Size Worlds Inhabit The Family Of A Distant Star
In February 2017, astronomers using NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope, announced that they have discovered the first known system around a solitary star, that hosts seven Earth-size exoplanets. A trio of these planetary Wonderlands are firmly situated in the comfortable habitable zone around their parent star, where liquid water may exist.
DevOps – Development and Operations
The design of any solution created by any supplier to any business challenge, or any development of any application for delivery to the business or a customer, will always provide us with an 'interesting' journey. It doesn't have to be application development. DevOps is for all and everyone.
ITSM and DevOps: The Perfect Match
IT Service Management or ITSM, since its inception, has changed the way IT businesses are conducted around the world. With a set of managerial steps that aid in the planning, design, operations, and control of IT services delivered to customers, ITSM has streamlined IT businesses.
What Is DevOps?
In recent times, DevOps is a buzz word. It is not a Technology. It is more of a culture or philosophy and it involves many concepts such as Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Configuration Management, Cloud Provisioning, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment.
project management agile scrum Agile User Stories – A Recipe for Exceptional Stories
Writing good Agile User Stories can be a daunting task at first. We show you ways to engage your stakeholders in meaningful conversation to ensure your stories step-up.
Top 5 IT Security Trends in 2017
Get to know the latest trends in IT security! Stay updated to what is happening in the IT sector by knowing the latest trends and how you can stay on top of them!
project management agile scrum The Concept Phase in Agile Product Development
We look at the Concept phase in Agile projects. You'll know about it's purpose and how it assists downstream activities.
project management agile scrum Practical Agile – 6 Implementation Principles to Secure Project Success
Depending on where an organization is at in its systems development methodology journey, it may not be able to jump to a purist agile model and be successful. I've learned that the following six principles are paramount in a successful agile project.
Code Frameworks Docker Which Are Some Of The Most Popular Back End Frameworks?
Nowadays, the user experience delivered by an application determines its popularity and profitability in the longer run. Hence, it becomes essential for developers to focus on both front-end and back-end of the application. Normally, the users can see, touch and experience the front-end or user interface of the application directly.
project management agile scrum Agile Software Development Methodologies
In this article we are going to look at two of the most widely used agile methodologies, which are Extreme Programming (XP) and Scrum. Though they follow most of the same iterations, they differ in certain elements. Let us begin with Extreme Programming.
5 Open Source DevOps Tools That You Just Can’t Miss
DevOps tools aid in simplifying this otherwise complex process of coordinating and integrating the functions of these two teams. Many open source DevOps tools are now available to assist DevOps professionals in the continuous integration, delivery, and deployment of products.
project management agile scrum Identifying Risks to Software Projects
The first step in managing the risks to your project is to identify those risks. This article provides you with "how to" advice on identifying risks to software development projects.
customers - sales 5 Tips for Improving Your Customer Support Operations With WorkFlow Automation
With workflow automation, smart routing and assignment decisions can be made to facilitate a smooth operation and consistent service levels within your customer support teams. Workflow automation includes mail-to-ticket conversion, ticket routing, service level tracking, communication, and new customer implementation.
business profits 5 Useful App Monetization Strategies
A high-quality app can take a lot of time and effort to code. In order to get a return on this time investment it makes sense to look at the different strategies to monetize the app.
project management agile scrum The Agile Initiate Project Phase
The Agile Initiate Project phase is about taking our learning from the concept phase and working them to distill an MVP. This article takes us through the actions in the Initiate phase.
How To Implement DevOps Testing
The definition of DevOps differs from one practitioner to another. Some organizations implement DevOps as a practice, whereas others adopt it as a culture or movement. But each organization has to implement a number of changes while switching from conventional software development practices to DevOps. They further have to build an environment where all software development activities - coding, testing, deployment, and release - are integrated seamlessly into a single cycle.
project management agile scrum Choose the Right Agile Methodology With External Dependencies – Scrum VS Kanban
Software development is a set of complex tasks. Many parties involvements and coordinated participation are necessary in order to achieve results. Agile methodologies explains some guidelines and provides more multiple framework to facilitate the development process. Two well known framework is Scrum and Kanban. It is important to select the appropriate framework for effective project management. Making a good choice will make the project run smoother and increase team members engagement. This article explains which framework could be a more appropriate choice when a project has too many external dependencies.
What Is a Botnet Attack and How to Identify It
These days, organizations are becoming a desirable target for attackers just because their networks are not properly patched and secured behind their firewall, leaving them easily vulnerable to various direct and indirect attacks. In addition to these direct and indirect attacks against networks, the number of victims is also steadily increasing. Examples of these indirect attacks include HTML exploit vulnerabilities or the attacks using malware in Peer-to-Peer networks.
How to Buy Bitcoins
A small guide to buy digital currencies: How to Buy Bitcoins Everyone is curious as to what bitcoin is and how one gets to earn it and spend it. Bitcoin is the most famous and biggest digital currency in the world regarding market capitalization and the market share where there are no intermediaries to handle the transactions.
10 Hottest Artificial Intelligence Applications To Inspire You
Artificial intelligence applications, projects and platforms are being developed in every part of the world today. More and more of them successfully escape lab life and strike mainstream trends, appearing in mass products, online tools and open-source APIs. Artificial intelligence is now more practical and thus really inspiring! You may find AI examples in robotics, healthcare, business and everyday life, in the cloud and on your mobile device.
Top 10 Reasons To Choose Laravel For Your Next Web Application Development Project
You can always consider writing web applications in PHP 7 to avail a number of new languages features, along with enhanced performance and reduced resource consumption. But you still need to pick the right PHP framework to write custom web applications in PHP without putting extra time and effort. Based on the specific needs of the project, you have option to choose from several open source PHP frameworks.
WordPress Woocommerce – The Right Solution for the Start Ups
WooCommerce by WooThemes is a trendy free WordPress Plugin that is used to assemble feature-rich eCommerce websites. You can sell your products or services online by building an online store using WooCommerce. Customized themes can help you build an attractive and engaging website.
programming 10 Top Tools For Java Application Developers
At present, Java is more popular than other programming language. It is also a programming language which is used widely by developers for building desktop GUI application, web applications, web services and mobile apps. But the developers still need robust frameworks, IDEs and development tools to write the applications in Java rapidly and efficiently.
Types of Software Bugs
Every software product contains some errors. A software bug is such a system behavior that does not meet the requirements and produces the incorrect results. It is impossible to develop a bug-free system.
WordPress Preventing a WordPress Theme from Updating
Sometimes developers like to hack a theme and then refactor the modification later, so you need to disable a WordPress Theme from updating and overwriting your changes.
programming Building Your First iOS App with Xamarin for Visual Studio
There's a great video introduction in building your first iOS app using Xamarin.
WordPress Manually Moving a WordPress Site to Localhost/WAMP
When I'm asked to make changes to a live WordPress site (especially code changes for plugins and themes) I like to take a local copy for development. Moving a WordPress site to a local host is not too difficult, but there are a few problems which you will probably find along the way.
Renaming a MySQL Table using phpMyAdmin
It's not often you need to rename a database table but if you do and it's in a MySQL database then here's how to change the name using phpMyAdmin.
Phishing Attacks: How to Recognise and Avoid them
Phishing attacks can be very sophisticated and even deceive IT professionals, but many can be recognised with experience. You should try to learn about them as they may seriously affect your business and private life as well as costing you money.
Android Versions and Names
Android, the mobile operating system owned by Google and based on Linux, has evolved through many versions with strangely playful food-related names like Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich. Here are the released versions.
The Observer Pattern in JavaScript
The Observer Pattern is one of the most used patterns in modern software. It's easy to understand, it's fairly obvious to recognise where it may be useful and it's straightforward to implement in JavaScript.
JavaScript: Creating 2-Dimensional or Multidimensional Arrays
How to create 2-Dimensional or Multidimensional Arrays in JavaScript.
JavaScript Arrays
Arrays in JavaScript are fairly easy but can sometimes be a little confusing. Here's a quick intro.
Javascript: Generate Random Integer Between Min and Max
A newbies guide to generating a Random Number in JavaScript.
The Top 20 Most Popular LMS (Learning management systems) Software Infographic
Top LMS (Learning management systems) that are used by academic institutions and education companies to manage, track, and deliver courses and training programs.
Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 Released
Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 with a mixture of improvements and support. Microsoft have said to have concentrated on reducing the high memory consumption which in turn sometimes affected performance. But there's plenty more too.
LINQ Where clause with multiple conditions
The LINQ where clause is easy to use but sometimes there is confusion of how to create an expression with more than one condition. Here's a quick overview.
Adding a Wait Cursor to a jQuery .ajax() Call
When you make ajax calls there is often some delay before the response. When the response is more than a few seconds you may find the user clicking buttons again or taking some other undesirable action. A quick solution is to show a wait cursor, which will deter the user from any other actions and give them some kind of visual feedback that something is actually happening.
Enabling Pretty Permalinks for WordPress on a Windows Server
Although WordPress is generally associated with LAMP stacks, you can run it on a Windows Server too. But setting up pretty permalinks by URL rewriting is different on Windows and Linux. Here's how to do it on Windows.
The Sprint Review Meeting
The Sprint Review is conducted by any team member. People that may be present include the Scrum team and any other external customers, stakeholders or interested people that the Product Owner might invite. The Sprint Review generally consists of a demonstration of the work done, though not the sole or main purpose of the review.
The Daily Scrum
The Daily Scrum is perhaps the most important daily event for a Scrum team. This is the time when people come together and report what they have achieved up to that point and what they plan to do next.This is also an opportunity for Scrum team members to update their backlog.
Introducing Scrum
Scrum is perhaps the most widely used Agile development methodology today. This article provides a simple introduction to Scrum and provides an overview of the process followed in Scrum.
Four Ways a Scrum Master Improves a Software Development Team’s Performance
The scrum master is the person designated to keep group members focused on the project. The short sprint style, in which this software development methodology organizes and completes work, requires a scrum master to coach and push the team forward.
Strategies for Test Automation of Retail Applications
A well planned strategy for test automation helps to maintain the pace of releases and overcome the risk of inconsistent scenarios.
Expediting Continuous Testing and Delivery Through LeanFT
HP LeanFT has been specifically developed for software developers and testers and is a an automated testing solution that ensures continuous testing and continuous delivery of an application. The test scripts can be written in C# and Java.
Agile (Scrum) Software Development Methodology Guide
Scrum is an agile way to manage a project and is probably the most popular choice for software projects. It is fairly easy to learn and here's a good introduction to it.
Programming Languages and Frameworks You Should Learn In 2016
The programming languages and frameworks trend for 2016 seems to be heading more frontend development over backend development. Here is a list of what you should take note of and consider improving your knowledge on.
Test Automation Through Appium
Appium is an open source test automation framework for use with native, hybrid and mobile web apps. It drives iOS and Android apps using the WebDriver protocol.
Agile Methodology – Using Agile to Develop Better Software and Reduce Risk
By John L. Nelson Introduction Imagine an enterprise software development project where the customer says “we are going to take a long time to get this done and we don’t expect to see any results for at least two years”. Can you imagine it? Me neither, and the truth is that it will probably never… Read More »
Scrum and Kanban: Tendency of Facilitation?
By Eugeniya Korotya Agile Development is a general term that includes a number of software development methodologies, among them, are Extreme Programming, Scrum, Crystal, Lean Development, Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) and Feature-Driven Development (FDD). Kanban is often referred to as Agile methodology, inasmuch as it is often used together with Scrum principles, but it… Read More »
ASP.NET Webforms – should I convert my legacy app to MVC?
Over the last few months I have been faced with upgrades on some legacy applications written in ASP.NET Webforms and the big question has been 'Should I stick to using Webforms or convert these to MVC?'.
Kanban in a Nutshell
Kanban is an approach to incremental, evolutionary process and systems change for organizations. It uses a work-in-progress limited pull system as the core mechanism to expose system operation (or process) problems and stimulate collaboration to continuously improve the system.
ASP MVC Razor: Using Sections
In order to get a consistent looking website, many designers use a common layout or master page. That's good, but in practice we often need to add some other items to the layout too. Say, for example, we have a different style sheet or Javascript files for many of our body pages. We can achieve that using Sections.
9 Ways to improve and maintain your Brain
As we get older our brain functions start to decline. While aging is a fact of life, the levels of decline and the time it takes can be reduced dramatically. Here's some ideas of what you can do to help yourself.
A list of CSS Frameworks: Bootstrap and Bootstrap Alternatives
CSS Frameworks undoubtedly help in providing a quick and pleasantly aesthetic look to your product and can give considerable help in providing the base HTML, CSS and JS required. For a developer like me, CSS Frameworks contribute many of the modern standards and techniques which I may lack as a non-designer. Creating a good responsive design from scratch is not a trivial exercise so a good CSS Framework can give you a great base to start from.
Ionic Learning Resources
Here is a short list of Ionic learning resources that I have found useful this month.
Microsoft to acquire Xamarin
Xamarin, who produce cross-platform tools so that C# can be used to create iOS and Android applications as well as for Windows, are set to be acquired by Microsoft.
Popular PHP Frameworks
Last year, conducted a survey and received almost 8000 replies. The clear result is that Laravel was the most popular PHP framework (in 2015) and it wasn't even close.