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makeITspendIT.com is authored by me, Les Kendall. I am a professional .NET and PHP software developer, and owner of RobotBooker Ltd, a small software company in England which has (in my opinion) the World’s Best Room Booking System. I have a degree in Electronic Engineering and a Post Graduate Diploma in Software Development.

I built this site so that I could publish articles on topics that I am interested in. I spend a lot of time programming advanced web based systems for financial companies and in the past have written software for some of the World’s leading car and automotive component manufacturers.

I generally publish articles about technical businesses, so they can be about startup, management or software development. Really, articles that I have found useful.

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My software skills include ASP.NET, C#, Xamarin, PHP, javascript (Node) and WordPress. I have many years experience in writing advanced Intranets for financial and manufacturing industries. My strength lies in powerfully functional intranets rather than ‘pretty page’ Internets. I also have developed and sell an advanced (room) booking system that already has customers all over the world and I have a number of products in the Apple and Microsoft Stores.

If you would like to pass a comment or maybe need help on a project, You can contact me at Les2[AT]makeITspendIT.com.

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My main way of promoting new articles is by twitter, so please follow @LesKendall if you wish to kept informed.

I have a number of advertisements on the site and if you click on them you will probably be redirected to a third-party site and if you make a subsequent purchase I may get a small reward. This is a WordPress powered site and I use both Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing Managers to monetize it. These sites will track that you have clicked a link on my site.

I use my own articles and also guest authors. I try to ensure all articles are accurate. I never would intentionally upset any user or group, so if you have any problem or issue with anything on this site please contact me immediately.