5 KPIs To Track App Progress

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September 13, 2017
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5 KPIs To Consider by Every App Owner to Track Their App’s Progress

By Rob Stephen

While smartphones have become an undeniable part of every common man’s life, it has also opened up multiple opportunities for businesses to engage with their consumers like never before. Mobile apps came as a unique scope for the brands to market their products. The best apps are those that are sticky and are inherently valuable to its customers. However, what causes an app to be sticky and makes it deary to the users is a hard nut to crack. There’s always a large gap between users installing an app, signing it up and using it because even a great looking app can be ignored by many due to several in-app factors. Thus, it is imperative for businesses or the app owners to recognise and monitor the basic performance metrics that are either making their app dearer or compelling its users to abandon it.

Session length

Although a basic parameter in every app, length of per session of usage rightly helps to determine how far engaging your app is. Varying with the types of users and their purpose of visiting, when accurately estimated, it shows a clear picture of the nature of users involved with the app and what they want from it.

Usage rate

If more people are using an app, it means they are having more value from it. Evidently, an app with a clear-cut solution for the users has its success affirmed because users will be actually using it. Hence, estimating the usage rate let the owners know the major engagement metric of their apps and offer valuable insights on how their app is used. Further, data on usage rate when analysed well help app marketers to allocate resources to intensify their app’s performance for driving user engagement.

Retention rate

Even if an app is irrefutably successful in the market at a moment, its makers can get amazed when it’s fleeting session will eventually end with time. This is why apps must strive for longevity instead of prominence and needs to be high in performance for higher retention. User retention is perhaps one of the prime metrics for scoring app’s success as it gives the idea of number of users who have uninstalled the app after using it fewer times and how many users went on using it.

App’s load time

While time is the essence of life, it’s necessary that every app owner make their app’s loading speed as frictionless and quick as possible. If anything in the app bothers users whenever they use it and slackens the loading pace, there are likely chances of it being uninstalled and replaced by another competing app service. Hence, it becomes paramount for the marketers to determine the loading speed of their apps and think about prospects for improving it if it is found slower.

Average revenue per user

While the key purpose of an app is to make some money out of it, there’s a parameter too for measuring the revenue earned from it in a particular time period. App owners can perceive an overall picture of their app’s success by its ARPU (average revenue per user) statistics. Calculated on the basis of the price of the app or other in-app purchases, ARPU refers to the value that one particular user renders to the app.

These are the five most crucial parameters for understanding an app’s preference to users and tracking them appropriately can help business in many ways. Any app business, thus, before diving into the analytics, need to estimate these few KPIs and take persuasive actions for the same to eliminate all the flaws in apps and elevate the business considerably.

Rob Stephen is a devoted and ardent app developer working for Vision & Solutions, a highly successful company for app development in Australia that earned expertise in almost all industrial domains. He loves to pen down his thoughts and ideas to help entrepreneurs get more insights on the development of the app.

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