4 Ways to Make Your CakePHP Website Faster

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July 31, 2017

4 Smart-Driven Ways to Make Your CakePHP-Built Website Faster

By Rob Stephen

CakePHP is one of the most feature-laden PHP frameworks that have driven both enterprises and startups to get online success. Every other developer and marketer is trying to deploy this framework for their web development projects and thus, the competition is getting real tough. It is of pivotal importance to maximise the loading speed of your website which, would help you in increasing the amount of conversions.

Importance of having a fast loading website

  • Google points out website speed as one of the major ranking factors.
  • Potential visitors might leave the website if it fails to load within an average of 3 seconds.

In this highly competitive era, there is no space for the slow loading sites. Over the years, there has been a steady increase in the level of internet browsing on smartphones and thus, it is important to consider a mobile-friendly website for increased conversions.

While understanding the significance of having a fast loading website, not all businesses succeed in making their website speedy enough to load. Thus, here are some of the most effective tips to increase the loading speed of CakePHP websites.

Updating the Site to its Latest Version

Updated versions of any technology come with enriched results. Thus, if you are looking for the best outcome from your CakePHP-built website, then it is important to update it to the latest version. This, in turn, will surely decrease the loading time and drive more conversions in the long run.

Memory based caching

During the process of query execution, PHP decodes all the files for getting most beneficial outcomes every time. However, it consumes a great amount of memory space which, in turn, minimises the site’s loading speed. The most productive way to deal with this issue is memory based caching which, will help you to increase the site’s speed and consume fewer resources.

Disabling the Debug Option

By disabling the debug option of CakePHP, users can decrease the loading time. While turning off the debug, it will help you to avoid the error message which, pops out when a new request arrives. Thus, disabling the debug results in faster loading of the website.

Disabling the Recursing Status

While performing the find statements, it is important to disable the recursing status or set it to 0 which, if not done, might crash the time of production. Thus, it is advisable to disable the recursing find statements and increase the speed of website.

Staying aware of these crucial and surefire tricks to speed up a CakePHP website will drive entrepreneurs and developers to get a strong online presence. Having a fast loading site becomes enhanced user experience and increased conversions. Thus, look for an established CakePHP development company who can meet all your business requirements and speed up your website as well, thereby driving success for your business.

Rob Stephen is a senior web developer of PHPProgrammers, a well-acclaimed CakePHP development company in Australia who likes to share latest technology-driven, industry-specific news with the readers.

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