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JavaScript: Creating 2-Dimensional or Multidimensional Arrays
How to create 2-Dimensional or Multidimensional Arrays in JavaScript.
JavaScript Arrays
Arrays in JavaScript are fairly easy but can sometimes be a little confusing. Here's a quick intro.
Javascript: Generate Random Integer Between Min and Max
A newbies guide to generating a Random Number in JavaScript.
The Top 20 Most Popular LMS (Learning management systems) Software Infographic
Top LMS (Learning management systems) that are used by academic institutions and education companies to manage, track, and deliver courses and training programs.
Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 Released
Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 with a mixture of improvements and support. Microsoft have said to have concentrated on reducing the high memory consumption which in turn sometimes affected performance. But there's plenty more too.
LINQ Where clause with multiple conditions
The LINQ where clause is easy to use but sometimes there is confusion of how to create an expression with more than one condition. Here's a quick overview.
Adding a Wait Cursor to a jQuery .ajax() Call
When you make ajax calls there is often some delay before the response. When the response is more than a few seconds you may find the user clicking buttons again or taking some other undesirable action. A quick solution is to show a wait cursor, which will deter the user from any other actions and give them some kind of visual feedback that something is actually happening.
Enabling Pretty Permalinks for WordPress on a Windows Server
Although WordPress is generally associated with LAMP stacks, you can run it on a Windows Server too. But setting up pretty permalinks by URL rewriting is different on Windows and Linux. Here's how to do it on Windows.
The Sprint Review Meeting
The Sprint Review is conducted by any team member. People that may be present include the Scrum team and any other external customers, stakeholders or interested people that the Product Owner might invite. The Sprint Review generally consists of a demonstration of the work done, though not the sole or main purpose of the review.
The Daily Scrum
The Daily Scrum is perhaps the most important daily event for a Scrum team. This is the time when people come together and report what they have achieved up to that point and what they plan to do next.This is also an opportunity for Scrum team members to update their backlog.
Introducing Scrum
Scrum is perhaps the most widely used Agile development methodology today. This article provides a simple introduction to Scrum and provides an overview of the process followed in Scrum.
Four Ways a Scrum Master Improves a Software Development Team's Performance
The scrum master is the person designated to keep group members focused on the project. The short sprint style, in which this software development methodology organizes and completes work, requires a scrum master to coach and push the team forward.

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