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Renaming a MySQL Table using phpMyAdmin
It's not often you need to rename a database table but if you do and it's in a MySQL database then here's how to change the name using phpMyAdmin.
Phishing Attacks: How to Recognise and Avoid them
Phishing attacks can be very sophisticated and even deceive IT professionals, but many can be recognised with experience. You should try to learn about them as they may seriously affect your business and private life as well as costing you money.
Android Versions and Names
Android, the mobile operating system owned by Google and based on Linux, has evolved through many versions with strangely playful food-related names like Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich. Here are the released versions.
The Observer Pattern in JavaScript
The Observer Pattern is one of the most used patterns in modern software. It's easy to understand, it's fairly obvious to recognise where it may be useful and it's straightforward to implement in JavaScript.
JavaScript: Creating 2-Dimensional or Multidimensional Arrays
How to create 2-Dimensional or Multidimensional Arrays in JavaScript.
JavaScript Arrays
Arrays in JavaScript are fairly easy but can sometimes be a little confusing. Here's a quick intro.
Javascript: Generate Random Integer Between Min and Max
A newbies guide to generating a Random Number in JavaScript.
The Top 20 Most Popular LMS (Learning management systems) Software Infographic
Top LMS (Learning management systems) that are used by academic institutions and education companies to manage, track, and deliver courses and training programs.
Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 Released
Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 with a mixture of improvements and support. Microsoft have said to have concentrated on reducing the high memory consumption which in turn sometimes affected performance. But there's plenty more too.
LINQ Where clause with multiple conditions
The LINQ where clause is easy to use but sometimes there is confusion of how to create an expression with more than one condition. Here's a quick overview.
Adding a Wait Cursor to a jQuery .ajax() Call
When you make ajax calls there is often some delay before the response. When the response is more than a few seconds you may find the user clicking buttons again or taking some other undesirable action. A quick solution is to show a wait cursor, which will deter the user from any other actions and give them some kind of visual feedback that something is actually happening.
Enabling Pretty Permalinks for WordPress on a Windows Server
Although WordPress is generally associated with LAMP stacks, you can run it on a Windows Server too. But setting up pretty permalinks by URL rewriting is different on Windows and Linux. Here's how to do it on Windows.

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