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ASP.NET Webforms – should I convert my legacy app to MVC?
Over the last few months I have been faced with upgrades on some legacy applications written in ASP.NET Webforms and the big question has been 'Should I stick to using Webforms or convert these to MVC?'.
Kanban in a Nutshell
Kanban is an approach to incremental, evolutionary process and systems change for organizations. It uses a work-in-progress limited pull system as the core mechanism to expose system operation (or process) problems and stimulate collaboration to continuously improve the system.
ASP MVC Razor: Using Sections
In order to get a consistent looking website, many designers use a common layout or master page. That's good, but in practice we often need to add some other items to the layout too. Say, for example, we have a different style sheet or Javascript files for many of our body pages. We can achieve that using Sections.
9 Ways to improve and maintain your Brain
As we get older our brain functions start to decline. While aging is a fact of life, the levels of decline and the time it takes can be reduced dramatically. Here's some ideas of what you can do to help yourself.
A list of CSS Frameworks: Bootstrap and Bootstrap Alternatives
CSS Frameworks undoubtedly help in providing a quick and pleasantly aesthetic look to your product and can give considerable help in providing the base HTML, CSS and JS required. For a developer like me, CSS Frameworks contribute many of the modern standards and techniques which I may lack as a non-designer. Creating a good responsive design from scratch is not a trivial exercise so a good CSS Framework can give you a great base to start from.
Ionic Learning Resources
Here is a short list of Ionic learning resources that I have found useful this month.
Microsoft to acquire Xamarin
Xamarin, who produce cross-platform tools so that C# can be used to create iOS and Android applications as well as for Windows, are set to be acquired by Microsoft.
Popular PHP Frameworks
Last year, Sitepoint.com conducted a survey and received almost 8000 replies. The clear result is that Laravel was the most popular PHP framework (in 2015) and it wasn't even close.
Using XAML StyleSheets (Universal Windows Apps)
You can use StyleSheets with XAML and get the same general advantages of CSS StyleSheets, namely a more consistent layout, easier to maintain and reduction of clutter in your main layout.
Why Company Culture Matters
Company Culture can be a very big factor in the success of a company. Employees are not only happier but become more efficient, take less time off, stay longer (i.e. less staff turnover) and generally contribute more. This leads to improved products and services, more profitability and generally a better company.
Work Smarter, Not Harder
We've probably all heard the expression "Work Smarter, Not Harder", but it's sometimes not as easy as that, especially when you are snowed under with loads of small jobs. So here's a little infographic giving a few tips on work hacks which may help reduce the stress of your daily workload.
15 Stats Every Mobile B2B Marketer Should Know
We all know about the importance of mobile in marketing, but this infographic from OpenView gives some interesting statistics on the finer points of what a marketeer should know.